What is a braided belt?

Leather braiding is an ancient craft, and for centuries has been used to fulfil a practical need, but also to fulfil an aesthetic requirement. Braided leather belts are perfectly suited for both of these roles, effortlessly combining style with function. A braided belt is formed by carefully intertwining long strips of soft leather to create a smooth and attractive plait, that forms a bridge between classic, smart styles and modern, practical styles.
We've put together the reasons why a braided belt should be at the top of your shopping list.


One size fits all

The careful and intricate braiding of the leather strips means that there are no distinct holes for the buckle prong to slot into. Instead, the prong can easily fit into any gap the braid creates. This easily allows for weight and size fluctuations, and the adjustable sizing means the belt is unlikely to be stretched out shape when your weight is ‘between holes’. Finding a braided belt that fits perfectly is easy, as length is the only consideration needed.

Spiral cutting leather in the Roma Leather factory for the production of our braided leather belts.

Adaptable comfort

A braided belt offers style, but it also offers comfort. The style of the braid means that braided belts have a slight elasticity to them, meaning as the wearer moves and sits, the belt easily adjusts to comfortably fit them. Thanks to the lack of holes, the belt is always in a position to fit the wearer at all times, without trying to fit to a certain hole that is either too tight or too loose.

Unisex styles

A braided belt is completely unisex. Regardless of colour, style, or texture, the braided belt is suitable for all persons. Thanks to its adjustable sizing and fit, there is no need for traditional classification, and instead is a modern and sustainable answer to creating fashion that is suitable for all.

Female and male models wearing the black leather braided belts from our ROMA by RL collection.


Timeless fashion

Leather braiding has been used across the world for centuries, from South America and South Africa, to Mexico and California. Styles have varied and methods have modernised, however the braided belt remains recognisable in the classic and timeless style of simple braided leather. A perfect addition to any outfit and suitable for smart and casual wear, a braided belt provides texture and interest without being obtrusive.
Such a style is rarely not in fashion, and the exciting and dynamic future of upcoming casual fashion will see a rise in popularity of the braided belt.
The Classic Braid from our ROMA by RL range utilises a natural finish with no edge stain, for a final product that radiates practicality and style. To add a braided belt to your wardrobe explore our collection now.

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