Roma Leather – Sustainability as a Leather Manufacturer?


Producing only the finest-quality finished leather goods is at the heart of everything we do here at Roma Leather. Every product is beautifully hand finished and long lasting, with no item leaving our factory in Naseby until we are completed satisfied with the result.

Our philosophy is that sustainability is not just a box to tick for our business, but is in our lifeblood, and effortlessly integrated into all our manufacture and supply chain processes.


Sourcing Materials and Using Leather

Together we work to source the finest components from across the globe to ensure our products are the highest standard possible.

Our leathers are predominantly sourced from Italy, and our hardware components are all from renowned European suppliers. We ensure that all our raw materials come from notable companies who adhere to the same ethics we stand for, meaning that our products have an ethical background from start to finish.

The use of leather is sometimes controversial, however our raw material is a by-product of another industry, so if we did not harness this into functional products, then the hides and skins of animals would simply be sent to a landfill. Therefore, our raw material does not require any additional land or resources to be created for our manufacture.

Also, due to the hard-wearing nature of this material, it ensures our final products are long lasting and will not wear out for our customers, making the product lifecycle even longer.

Manufacturing Our Leather Goods

When it comes to manufacturing our premium products, we take care and precision to infuse sustainability into all our methods.

By creating a systematic method to our production, we ensure that we use the least amount of energy possible during the manufacture process. We also complete a number of processes by hand, which not only guarantees a perfectly finished product, but also allows for less energy to be consumed with these methods.


Waste Materials

Waste materials will always be a by-product of the manufacturing process. However, at Roma Leather, we take steps to ensure our waste is the smallest it can possibly be. By operating with a strategic layout system, we ensure that we are using each skein of leather to its fullest potential.

The excess leather which is left after cutting is always then recycled in some way. We use pieces of excess leather for testing new processes, or to create small process samples with. Due to being in the heart of the leather industry based in Northamptonshire, there are numerous institutions which can also benefit from our donated scrap leathers, this way we are ensuring that every single piece of a leather skein has a purpose.

All waste that comes from packaging e.g., cardboard boxes, cellophane bags, wooden pallets etc, are all reused or recycled. Components are typically kept in their original packaging for care until they are used and then the waste materials will be recycled. Wooden pallets have been donated for people’s use to ensure these packaging materials will not simply end up in a landfill.

Distribution and Shipping

In terms of distribution and shipping, we ultimately try to use the most sustainable and cost-effective ways to send our clients their finished products. We ship our orders once they are complete, so we only have the carbon footprint of one delivery. We use courier companies who are renowned for their efficiency and strive to create a sustainable delivery chain.


There will always be some sort of impact from any businesses manufacture processes, however it’s how a brand limits their impact and embraces new even more sustainable methods which is the key to creating an environmentally conscious product.

As we embrace our new adventures, we are committed to increasing our level of sustainability as a business, most notably in our packaging materials for our customers.
We have eliminated the need for any single use plastics, our leather belts are shipped in recyclable cardboard boxes, and the packaging beans which protect the products are biodegradable so will dissolve completely when submersed in water. This ensures that when a customer receives a Roma Leather product, they have no excess materials which will end up in a landfill.


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