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As a leading leather manufacturer, it is our job to understand the needs of our clients’. For the past 40 years we have been interpreting design briefs and bringing ideas to fruition, to create an experience unlike any other.

When you work with Roma Leather you will receive a service tailored to your company's individual wants and needs, and we will be there to offer support and guidance through the whole process, from your first conversation with us, to your final delivery.

Our clients are in control the entire time to ensure their order is their own and that their design direction is followed and achieved to its fullest potential. Working with Roma Leather means that you benefit from our depth of industry and technical experience. We go above and beyond to keep our clients in the driving seat throughout the entire process by operating a testing service for all our leather products and hardware's, making sure you are happy with each individual element.

Over the years we have established and built relationships with notable brands across the world, as well as here in the UK.


The White Company

We have crafted women’s leather belts for ‘The White Company’ for the past three years, which have been featured on their social media, and sold on their website. Some of our commissioned designs have included suede, jean belts which can be incorporated into any classic look. As well as more statement themed pieces such as ‘the western belt’, crafted in black leather and finished with metal tips on either end.

By working with a brand which has such a recognisable aesthetic for their clientele across their entire range of products, it was important to continue this same tone of voice into their range of leather accessories made by Roma Leather. Our success speaks from the repeat orders which have dominated our production books, clearly, we’re doing something right.


Loake Shoemakers 

Based in Northamptonshire as well, Loake Shoemakers are practically our neighbours, one’s with a longstanding history in the leather industry that supersedes our own. Starting with three brothers opening the first Loake factory in 1880, and now over 140 years and five generations of shoemakers later they remain as masters of their craft.

This brand embodies the same British ethos that we pride ourselves on. All their shoes are designed and crafted here in England, and after being granted a Royal warrant by the Queen for the manufacture of men’s footwear, it’s clear they are a British maker through and through.

Our long relationship with  ‘Loake Shoemakers’ has allowed us to create complimentary leather goods which coincide with their already established line of leather and suede shoes. Roma Leather produced handmade feather edged belts in a range of leathers and multiple grains, their most notable piece is ‘The Henry Belt’, a men's premium leather accessory available in a variety of colours.
Our own craftsmanship allowed this historical brand to offer their customers products which would compliment their existing purchases, in a way that they had never been able to before.


British made since 1777, these luxury leather gloves have never dwindled. With an authentic manufacturing process, and their sustainability promise which states all their leather is a by-product of the food industry and therefore comes from a renewable source, Dents is a brand which we are proud to work with.

For a client with a long-standing position in the luxury leather goods industry, we designed and produced leather belts to be part of Dents heritage collection. Included in this collection were intricately hand braided leather belts with a burnished lustre finish, and Italian leather belts featuring brogue detailing. All of their heritage commissions were smart, sophisticated and beautifully detailed ready for their customers.

Margaret Howell 

This renowned designer states ..

I like to work with manufacturers who understand and share this passion for make and quality of fabric’.

Clearly sharing our passion for good quality leather and understanding the level of British tradition and skill which is infused into all of our products.
Coinciding with our extensive history of creating belts, we also craft small leather goods.
For those such as Margaret Howell, we have designed and made leather accessories and key straps, sticking to a cohesive brand aesthetic so that our small accessories will compliment her already existing range of goods.


Nigel Cabourn 

‘The manufacturers we work with are all carefully chosen so we produce the best garments we can’ – Nigel Cabourn

With an aim to create comfortable, durable and timeless styles Nigel Cabourn chose us to manufacture his orders of luxury roller buckle men's belts, as well formal leather braces for his  clientele. British made from premium quality heavy elastic and leather, these workwear staples were available in a selection of colours and proved to be very popular amongst his customers.

With his flagship store based in London, he showcases his designs which are inspired by a moment in history, an inspiring person or a vintage garment, showing that he follows his organic inspiration, not fashion trends.


Agent Provocateur 

1994, in the beating heart of London, Agent Provocateur launched its’ first boutique and carved out its’ notorious fearlessly feminine narrative, designing sensual lingerie made to empower the wearer.

They are our forward thinking brand who we adapt and envision new ways of working to fulfil their needs with the excellent skills of our craftsmen and women.

Bespoke commissions of leather accessories for a unique brand have allowed us to work on orders which are designed for a niche target market. We have provided Agent Provocateur with our knowledge of leather belts for their ‘Kassy Western’ design, as well as infusing our expertise into their range of leather accessories featuring cuffs and chokers.



Two founders, one label, one family. Soeur is a brand which celebrates sisterhood no matter how those relationships were formed. Their mission, to dress all women regardless of age or style, united with a taste for authenticity.

‘..We have the greatest respect for the skills behind fashion and for those who master them.’ – Soeur

From across the pond, we built a relationship with Soeur Paris, offering a bespoke service for their leather belts which tells the tale of luxury and refinement. ‘The Café’ belt, exclusively made for Soeur and handcrafted in Northamptonshire, is made from 100% vegetable tanned leather then finished with a golden metal buckle. Our skills and craftmanship allow Soeur to connect with their customers and stick to their brand ethos of celebrating relationships.


Herring Shoes 

A British family business and a brand offering quality footwear and luggage since 1966 was sure to benefit from our technical experience. Building close relationships with Northamptonshire manufacturers including some of our other clients, creates a confirmed sense of community in the heart of the midlands.

Roma Leather created a selection of products which would work alongside their existing ranges, and when paired together create a cohesive look for their customers. When crafting ‘The Westminster’ belt we used matching leather to coincide with their shoe designs and produced leather card holders and accessories to compliment their entire range of leather goods.


Charles Tyrwhitt 

Producing products which last. The main aim of the Charles Tyrwhitt brand, adding a pinch of British charm and a commitment to always do things properly and responsibly.
With their flagship store on London’s famous Jermyn Street, We at Roma Leather have crafted luxury leather belts featured on their website, using 100% Italian leather, velvety nubuck linings, and paired with a rectangular polished metal buckles.
Not only were our clients pleased with their products, but their customers’ 5-star reviews speak for themselves. We enjoy working with brands who offer their customers the best, and here at Roma Leather we always make the best.

Also on our extensive client list are brands such as Cyrillus, Bonobos, Pretty Green and Thomas Farthing, to name a few.
These brands have all received handcrafted products from the Roma Leather factory, as well as a handcrafted sales experience from our account's management team.
We have a long legacy within the leather industry, and when you work with us, you become a part of that legacy.


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