Investing in Quality over Quantity


If you're questioning if you should start investing in high quality leather pieces for your collection, then go no further.

Maybe your go-to woven belt has seen better days, and you think taking the plunge for a high quality premium leather piece is the way to go.

Or you've caught the travelling bug and need some durable accessories to see you through your years of travels.

Whatever the reason, we'll tell you why investing in leather is always a good idea.


Leather is long lasting

Top grain leather is durable and only gets better with age, when cared for and stored correctly your leather goods can last indefinitely. As fast fashion and poor quality products inevitably end up in landfills, investing in quality rather than quantity is the smarter approach to purchasing, and allows you to 'buy less, buy better'. 


Leather can be repaired

Leather needs little care and attention to remain at its best, but if you have a leather good which has seen better days, then our lifetime of leather guarantee service can restore your beloved item until it's like new.

Offered on all our products, we can polish, stain, trim and buff until your leather goods are returned to their former glory.

Handcrafted leather edge finishing in the Roma Leather factory


Leather is naturally beautiful

Unlike other materials, leather improves with age, and time brings out the natural markings and qualities even further. One of the many benefits is that the natural beauty will always be unique to that piece of leather, making these pieces distinctive and special.


Leather is luxurious

Leather has a touch and quality unlike any other material which cannot be replicated, and because of this, each item has a personal and luxurious feel to it.
Leather creates beautiful, luxurious pieces which are long lasting and distinctively unique to each person. 


Investing in leather to save you money in the long term

Taking the plunge and investing in a high quality luxury leather item might seem like a larger financial commitment. You might be hesitant and purchase a modest waterproof puffer jacket instead of that luxury leather one you’ve always had your eye on. Or you might go for a low quality faux leather belt from a high street store, rather than the beautifully crafted luxury leather piece from ROMA which you have saved in your shopping basket. 

These luxury pieces might cost more money initially, however in the long run they will actually save you more money than buying low quality, throwaway items which will inevitably need to be replaced again and again and will start to wear more quickly. 

Full grain, high quality handcrafted leather goods will maintain their value year after year, and will develop unique characteristics, creating an even more individual piece for the wearer. So if you want to buy a piece which will last year after year, wear after wear, we recommend you buy leather to buy less. Because when you invest in quality, you’re investing in your future.


To start your leather collection, shop our entire range of ROMA by RL products now. 

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